About Us


Ideal Girls Senior High School, located at 82, Randle Avenue, Surulere was established on the 6th of January, 2003 as an offshoot of the then Ideal Girls High School.
There are 572 girls on roll with 21 teaching and three non teaching staff.
The school curriculum is based on the national curriculum, offering wide range of subjects such as Science, Commercial and trade subjects besides English and Mathematics.
The school’s vision is to ensure a synergy of academic and character development of the students which will enable them operate effectively in all spheres of life to the glory of womanhood. As such much emphasis is placed on their moral development by exposing them to various pep talks and mentoring programmes that promote good conduct.
In the area of academics, she has made her mark especially with the intervention, of the Lagos Eko Project which provided opportunity for employing volunteer teachers, procuring infrastructural materials, do some minor infrastructural repairs, capacity building of staff, exposure of students to science projects and drama, and a safe and welcoming environment. All these have impacted greatly on teacher effectiveness and students’ performances in the school. She has won various laurels including:
1. 1st position in the 2010 Lagos State Government School’s Debate
2. 1st position in 2012/13 Principal’s Cup competition at the District level
3. Winner, 2010 Eko Project Governor’s Award
4. 1st position in the Lagos State Festival of Classical and Choral
5. 2nd position in 2013 Teenage Festival of Life Essay Competition organised by Action Health Incorporated.
6. Ist position in 2013 Scripture Union Schools Quiz competition
Of note is the improved performance in the 2012 WASSCE, when the school had 76% success and in 2013, the school had 86% success rate. The school maintains a high tone with a quiet and welcoming a leaning environment in place. Our girls are disciplined and well behaved.
Some activities are put in place to the ensure smooth running of the school and engender best practices namely. In-house seminars, mentoring/pep talks, in-house classroom supervision, team work and supervised delegation.
For the future, we envision a school of well-behaved girls with a 100% performance in external exams, resulting from effective teaching by well trained teachers, and eventually producing women of integrity whenever they may find themselves in future.